The Handlebar story

Back in the early 90’s, I remember my ten year old self sending a handwritten letter to the prime minister of Sweden, asking him how we stop the climat change. Little did I know that same questions would be running in my head 25 years later. I guess I could have been an environment activist or maybe at least aimed to become one, but instead I became a maker. A maker that creates based on a few simple principles: to take care of what we already got and use it as good as possible.

I think we can use things much better and do more with what we already have, and we need to invest in high quality products and use them til’ they’re worn out, not just out of style. Therefore I try to do clean and minimalistic looking items that will stay in style as long as you’d like.

All the material I use come from something that’s been either thrown away, classed as not sellable or might have’ve been found at a flea market. Each piece has it’s own little history and I think that should be visible for everyone to see and feel.

Every single stitch is made by hand and most of the scrap material I buy comes from Tärnsjö tannery.

Take good care of your product. It will last a lifetime and age gracefully.